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We work with many collaborators with different profiles, from several countries.

Some employees are freelances on a full-time basis, while other employees occasionally work and wish to spend their free time to generate an additional income.

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Once in contact, we will ask you for additional information (CV, diplomas, your availability, areas of expertise etc.)

We then check your level in the indicated languages. To check it, we ask you to make a first short translation, which will be checked by an expert.

You have no fees.

What type of contract?

Umbrella company
Ideal solution for individuals who do not have a company and do not have the status of independent. The umbrella company, located in your country, pays you a salary according to the work done, as an regular company, and it manages administrative formalities.

You charge your work, according to the agreed terms.

What is the commitment?

You can stop the relationship at any time, or indicate temporary unavailability, a simple email is enough.

How much

When registering, we agree on the gross remuneration rate, which depends mainly on the languages ??spoken and fields of skills.

As an individual, the umbrella company pays your salary to your bank account and manages your pay slips as well as the administrative. The salary is paid once a month, and corresponds to the amount of work performed and the agreed rate.

As an freelanced, you send us an invoice that we pay.

How does it work?

Once registered among our translators, we regularly offer translations to perform, according to your availabilities and the wished frequency.

You can accept or decline the text to be translated.

Once accepted, you start the translation and then return it. We record the performed work each month.

What kinds of texts are translated?

We categorize texts by field of activity. We allocate them according to your areas of expertise.

Our main domains are: Technology, Luxury, Finance, Legal, Medical, Marketing..