Federal Translation - Medical
Federal Translation
Translation Interpretation Transcription
Translation of official documents
Medical / Health
Translated documents
  • Examination Results
  • Working protocol
  • Drug Information
  • Medical Record
  • Brochures
  • Scientific article
  • Health report
  • User Manual
  • Work certificate
Our agency is specialised to translate complex documents, such as business documents, and different text using a complete confidentiality.
Language Service for Health

We work with several healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, clinics, doctors, and many companies from the pharmaceutical industry.

Our experts are specialized to translate documents from the health domain, and they use a professional and appropriated vocabulary.

Translations are systematically carried out towards the the translator's mother tongue, which ensures a very high quality of translation.

Translations of high volumes
Large volumes
We can work with documents of +1000 pages. We coordinate teams of translators and seniors who work simultaneously.
Writing quality
Mother tongue
The translations are performed towards the mother tongue of the translator to ensure a high quality.

Confidential Exchanges and Texts
Conversations and documents are bound to professional secrecy. The documents are protected and we work in closed circuits.
Very fast reactivity and short delays
Urgent translations
The translations are performed in short deadlines (<48h). We can also carry out urgent translations: <24h working night and public holidays.

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