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The Federal Translation agency transcribes legal documents to multiple languages??. We work with qualified legal professionals, who master an accurate vocabulary and its characteristics.

We support several companies from mutliuple domains, to translate their administrative documents, as well as insurance companies, law firms, and legal departments of major brands.

Our main advantage is to provide translations with very high quality, with a specific vocabulary. On the legal domain, it is very important that the translation corresponds in every point to the original document.

Therefore, we propose proofreading by several seniors in order to obtain an identical result to the source document.

Translations of high volumes
Large volumes
We can work with documents of +1000 pages. We coordinate teams of translators and seniors who work simultaneously.
Writing quality
Mother tongue
The translations are performed towards the mother tongue of the translator to ensure a high quality.

Confidential Exchanges and Texts
Conversations and documents are bound to professional secrecy. The documents are protected and we work in closed circuits.
Very fast reactivity and short delays
Urgent translations
The translations are performed in short deadlines (<48h). We can also carry out urgent translations: <24h working night and public holidays.

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